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2 Of The Best Social Media Applications To Use For Twitter

There’s no shortage of apps promising to make your life in the Twittersphere easier (or is that Twitterverse?). Everyone is looking to make use of Twitter’s enormous popularity, from fans having a chance to interact with celebrities for the first time in their lives to companies promoting themselves through it.

While you can do without many of these apps, there are still some that will be of great help regardless of how you use social media. Barring websites like that are considered to be a part of Twitter, HootSuite and Buffer are perhaps two of the handiest tools you can get your hands on to make interacting with followers an easy process.

2 Of The Best Social Media Apps


They say owls are some of the wisest creatures in the entire animal kingdom. Well, HootSuite’s logos consist of several owls, so there must be some wisdom to using the application. Having been around since 2008, HootSuite is well-established as a way to make tweeting less of a chore and more of a fun pastime.

The app comes in three suites: free, pro and enterprise. The pro version also includes a free 30-day trial, which should give you an idea of whether it’s worth the money or not.

An example of Hoot’s many features – and among the most useful ones for business owners – is the ability to monitor your brand on social media. If someone’s dropping your name, you’ll know all about it without having to go through the trouble of constant manual searching. This includes real-time updates as soon as someone mentions your brand as well as an overview of any past mentions.

Aside from numerous scheduling options, HootSuite lets you manage multiple different social media sites in one place (although the free version only gives you control over 3). As an added benefit, you’ll also have your own fancy URL-shortening service called, which not only looks cool but also lets you monitor click-through statistics.


Your social media presence is sure to buff up with the help of this handy app. Buffer is a direct competitor of HootSuite, although the latter offers a bit more functionality to its users.

The goal of this app is clear – letting you have complete control over when and how you choose to update your feed. The update process is rendered somewhat automatic – you can schedule updates for weeks, days or even months ahead, and never have to worry about your brand losing traction if you end up stranded on an island somewhere.

The app will also curb your posting enthusiasm when necessary. To stop you from flooding your followers’ feed, it will spread out updates evenly to improve the activity on your social media accounts. Like HootSuite, Buffer covers an array of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although it’s most often used for tweeting.

Also like HootSuite, Buffer offers three different plans based on the user’s needs: a free basic plan, an ‘awesome’ plan for power users, and a business plan. The business version is further split into three sizes, with the largest businesses paying up to $300 a month to get access to all the perks.