3 Twitter Accounts To Follow For Online Specials And Coupons

These days, it seems we do everything through Twitter. It’s crept into our everyday lives and became a medium for nearly everything we can think of. For example, due to its update-based system and ability to attract the masses, Twitter is an ideal choice for those looking to spread word of discounts, coupons and other free stuff.

If you’re a consumer worried about your update feed being overloaded, you can always opt to follow a more specific type of discount-offering Twitter account. You can always un-follow the account if it gets too spam-ish for your taste, but be warned – the next bargain could always be right around the corner. Here are 3 examples of Twitter accounts to follow if you’re always on the lookout for the next good deal.

1. #DealsPlus: There’s a big downside to the DealsPlus account – 213,000 followers means you’ll have to be very swift in order to get your hands on limited deals. Aside from that, though, the site is a blessing for those who love nothing more than paying less and getting more. DealsPlus is updated on what is essentially an hourly basis, and doesn’t focus on one specific niche. It also doesn’t discriminate against the type of deal available – from a set amount of coupons being offered to a great discount by a retailer, DealsPlus covers it all. The deals found on this Twitter are no joke, either: an update from 2 hours ago highlights an H&M sale with up to 60% off, including free shipping. If you’d like to save some money, hit that follow button and keep your eyes open.

2. #DelrayBeachRug: Every rug deserves the royal treatment every now and then, and Delray Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning is sure to give it. This premium Delray Beach rug cleaning company will sometimes inform its followers of available rug cleaning through Twitter updates. Spending a lot of money on professional rug rarely makes it to the top of our priority list, and yet, dirty or damaged rugs are not a welcome addition to anyone’s home. Another good side of following these guys is that your Twitter feed won’t be flooded by various unrelated updates, but rather, only rug care-related promotions. So, if you’re waiting for the right time to have your rugs rinsed thoroughly, follow and sit back – chances are, you won’t have to wait around for too long before the next discount.

3. #sbcoupons: With a little under 3,000 followers, Simply Best Coupons isn’t the biggest discount-offering Twitter account out there, which is a good thing. You don’t want others getting to the deals before you, do you? Despite the moderate following, SB Coupons have no shortage of good deals to choose from. The discounts featured in the feed range from fixed-price discounts to 40% off sales. Couple that with the wide variety of retailers and manufacturers featured – from Toshiba to Bloomingdale’s – and you’ll soon realize why they are worth following. Another great bonus is that updates are very frequent – sometimes, several deals will be posted within an hour.