6 Top Sports Commentators To Follow On Twitter

Sports commentators tend to have some colorful personalities on them – they’d better, if they want to make it into the biz. Everyone’s a sports commentator during Super Bowl after they’ve had a few beers, but it takes a special kind of person to be able to point out harsh truths while still keeping the good will of fans.

If you’re looking for someone fun to follow on Twitter, you can’t go wrong with a fun sports personality – especially a commentator. Here are 6 with that little something that puts them ahead of others – or their Twitter feed, at least.

  • Jason Whitlock: If you’re looking for some brash and oft-controversial NFL commentary, @WhitlockJason is your man. While more of a podcaster than a broadcaster, Whitlock spares no player, coach or team with his witty way of saying what everyone else is thinking. His Twitter feed is frequently updated with bold statuses, with over a dozen or even dozens of updates daily, depending on the games being played. Love him or hate him, his 224,000 followers mean he’s doing something right.
  • Trey Wingo: Provided that the season is right, @wingoz will churn out upwards of a dozen tweets per day, providing some interesting football insights. If his credentials as the NFL Live Host don’t impress you, a quick glance through his feed might make you a believer – another one to add to the 330,000 already following him. He’s also known for frequently interacting with the Average Joe through Twitter.
  • Joe Rogan: If hand-to-hand combat interests you, following mixed martial arts knowledge base @joerogan’s feed will keep you up to date on the sport’s most relevant happenings. The main commentator for every bigger UFC event, Rogan’s whopping 1.7 million followers have made him a superstar of the sport, on par with its highest-paid athletes. When he’s not broadcasting, he has his own podcast that often features celebrities and other important sports figures.
  • David Aldridge: What makes @daldridgetnt’s frequently-updated Twitter feed somewhat unique is that, for a NBA reporter and commentator, Aldridge has an impressive amount of Tweets related to football and baseball. There’s one thing his 495,000 followers can count on, though – humorous and sometimes in-your-face rhetoric. He also tends to tweet during games, making his feed a must-read during those times when you can’t watch the game yourself.
  • Kevin Pelton: NBA analyst @kpelton tweets all day long, and he tweets good. While his commentary isn’t likely to offend anyone, instead taking a neutral stance in most of his Tweets, his 40,000 followers definitely enjoy his feed as it helps fans immerse themselves in whatever game Pelton’s looking
  • Jessica Mendoza: ESPN’s baseball commentator @jessmendoza is going where few women have gone before, and is doing a pretty good job of it. Her 70,000 followers are a testament to baseball fans warming up to the idea of a female broadcaster, and more are sure to follow. Her Twitter feed is full of goodies, and it doesn’t take a long look to realize that Mendoza knows her stuff about baseball (she ought to, being an Olympian in softball herself).