How To Set Up Your Twitter Account And Get Followers

Twitter can seem a bit overwhelming at first. If you’re a public figure or even a business owner, it can seem downright frightening. With the right Tweets, you’ll spread your name, get more clients/customers and gain more recognition. On the other hand, a couple of wrong ones can follow you like a curse through any personal or professional endeavor you make.

Setting up your Twitter account is easy. Becoming well-known and attracting followers? Not as much.

Starting a Twitter account

First and foremost, what is the purpose of your Twitter account? You don’t want to confuse business with pleasure here. If you’re a businessman, your Twitter feed needs to consist of work-related updates, promotions, advice and so forth.

It’s not as easy as having two separate accounts, either: people will often land on your personal account instead of the business one. Once they’re there, you don’t want them to see your politically-charged Tweets and heavily-opinionated updates on sensitive issues, so keep it neutral and keep it business-related.

So you’ve set up and verified your Twitter account… but you don’t have any followers. Even worse, you don’t know how to attract them. Don’t get overwhelmed if others – even your competitors – are packing hundreds or thousands of followers. You’ll get there with some persistence and a bit of Twitter wizardry.

Getting followers by rubbing the right shoulders

Similar to how nobody will want to add you on Facebook if you have an empty friends list, nobody wants to follow a Twitter whose last update was 3 years ago (or never). You need updates before followers, not the other way around.

If you’re not a business owner but instead something like an entertainer, your job becomes even more difficult as your targeted audience widens. Fortunately, Twitter gave you some tools to speed up the process.

The easiest way to get followers is through a ‘shout-out’ – a relatively famous person tagging you, preferably instructing their own followers to check your feed out. Unless you have friends in high places, the best way to accomplish this is engaging a known Twitter user and compelling them to reply to you. Whether the exchange is a pleasant one or not, the followers will take note and want to check your Twitter out to see what all the fuss is about. Once they’re there, however…

Keeping followers with quality updates, plus hashtags

How to get people to follow you once they’re checking out your profile? Simple: make them want to read your future updates. If you’re a business owner, this will include freebies, discounts and good deals. If you’re an entertainer, your feed should have frequent, insightful and amusing commentary that people will want more of.

While often used semi-ironically, hashtags are the best way to reach your audience barring celebrity shout-outs. With the help of the right tools, you’ll have to gain an understanding of which hashtags work and which don’t. #carsalecoupons might attract hundreds of people to your Twitter, while #couponsforcarsales might not be seen by anyone. Keep experimenting and trying new things, and eventually you’ll get to a following of a few hundred, after which things should get easier. Just remember – an update a day keeps obscurity away.