Groupons and carpet cleaning

Groupons used to be the shnitz five years ago. They had a $6 Billion offer from Google. That’s B as in Billion. But they turned it down.Why? Well, it was rather complicated and a few years later to take the company public and issue an IPO. Now Groupon’s business model, some may say, has gone the way of the dodo bird… nada, extinct. But many businesses still use Groupon to put their goods and services out there. Is it truly good for business?

Groupons Galor

Well, the Groupons business model is basically you offer the “deal” and you get to keep half and Groupon keeps half. Wait… Groupon keeps half? Yes. For what you may ask. Well, primarily for their technology and ability to reach people that businesses simply don’t think they can. I hit up a friend who works for a carpet cleaning biz in Texas and he said that the owner “uses Groupon” to keep the business going in hard times. It helps him with cash flow and pays the employees and keep their families fed. Hard to argue with that. But he also said it’s a double edge sword. Once you get on the Groupon, it’s really hard to get off. People expect those “deals” to be there and often the Groupon junkies are the biggest complainers. Leaving bad reviews on review sites like Yelp and Google + isn’t good for one’s business reputation.

Another thing my friend pointed out was that Groupon doesn’t share the customer’s data with you. So you don’t get the emails and phone numbers to do any “re-marketing” to them. You can ask for it at the time of selling your goods or service, but most business owners are simply too busy to get this information then, or their employees don’t take the time to do it or just forget.

One thing is for sure, there are still plenty of deals for consumers to get on Groupon. There are millions of Groupon junkies out there with credit card in hand waiting to get their next deal. Just make sure if you are a business owner, you understand the pros and cons of getting on the Groupon band wagon. It can be a good thing for your business, or an addiction you won’t be able to kick.


3 Twitter Accounts To Follow For Online Specials And Coupons

These days, it seems we do everything through Twitter. It’s crept into our everyday lives and became a medium for nearly everything we can think of. For example, due to its update-based system and ability to attract the masses, Twitter is an ideal choice for those looking to spread word of discounts, coupons and other free stuff.

If you’re a consumer worried about your update feed being overloaded, you can always opt to follow a more specific type of discount-offering Twitter account. You can always un-follow the account if it gets too spam-ish for your taste, but be warned – the next bargain could always be right around the corner. Here are 3 examples of Twitter accounts to follow if you’re always on the lookout for the next good deal.

1. #DealsPlus: There’s a big downside to the DealsPlus account – 213,000 followers means you’ll have to be very swift in order to get your hands on limited deals. Aside from that, though, the site is a blessing for those who love nothing more than paying less and getting more. DealsPlus is updated on what is essentially an hourly basis, and doesn’t focus on one specific niche. It also doesn’t discriminate against the type of deal available – from a set amount of coupons being offered to a great discount by a retailer, DealsPlus covers it all. The deals found on this Twitter are no joke, either: an update from 2 hours ago highlights an H&M sale with up to 60% off, including free shipping. If you’d like to save some money, hit that follow button and keep your eyes open.

2. #DelrayBeachRug: Every rug deserves the royal treatment every now and then, and Delray Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning is sure to give it. This premium Delray Beach rug cleaning company will sometimes inform its followers of available rug cleaning through Twitter updates. Spending a lot of money on professional rug rarely makes it to the top of our priority list, and yet, dirty or damaged rugs are not a welcome addition to anyone’s home. Another good side of following these guys is that your Twitter feed won’t be flooded by various unrelated updates, but rather, only rug care-related promotions. So, if you’re waiting for the right time to have your rugs rinsed thoroughly, follow and sit back – chances are, you won’t have to wait around for too long before the next discount.

3. #sbcoupons: With a little under 3,000 followers, Simply Best Coupons isn’t the biggest discount-offering Twitter account out there, which is a good thing. You don’t want others getting to the deals before you, do you? Despite the moderate following, SB Coupons have no shortage of good deals to choose from. The discounts featured in the feed range from fixed-price discounts to 40% off sales. Couple that with the wide variety of retailers and manufacturers featured – from Toshiba to Bloomingdale’s – and you’ll soon realize why they are worth following. Another great bonus is that updates are very frequent – sometimes, several deals will be posted within an hour.

6 Top Sports Commentators To Follow On Twitter

Sports commentators tend to have some colorful personalities on them – they’d better, if they want to make it into the biz. Everyone’s a sports commentator during Super Bowl after they’ve had a few beers, but it takes a special kind of person to be able to point out harsh truths while still keeping the good will of fans.

If you’re looking for someone fun to follow on Twitter, you can’t go wrong with a fun sports personality – especially a commentator. Here are 6 with that little something that puts them ahead of others – or their Twitter feed, at least.

  • Jason Whitlock: If you’re looking for some brash and oft-controversial NFL commentary, @WhitlockJason is your man. While more of a podcaster than a broadcaster, Whitlock spares no player, coach or team with his witty way of saying what everyone else is thinking. His Twitter feed is frequently updated with bold statuses, with over a dozen or even dozens of updates daily, depending on the games being played. Love him or hate him, his 224,000 followers mean he’s doing something right.
  • Trey Wingo: Provided that the season is right, @wingoz will churn out upwards of a dozen tweets per day, providing some interesting football insights. If his credentials as the NFL Live Host don’t impress you, a quick glance through his feed might make you a believer – another one to add to the 330,000 already following him. He’s also known for frequently interacting with the Average Joe through Twitter.
  • Joe Rogan: If hand-to-hand combat interests you, following mixed martial arts knowledge base @joerogan’s feed will keep you up to date on the sport’s most relevant happenings. The main commentator for every bigger UFC event, Rogan’s whopping 1.7 million followers have made him a superstar of the sport, on par with its highest-paid athletes. When he’s not broadcasting, he has his own podcast that often features celebrities and other important sports figures.
  • David Aldridge: What makes @daldridgetnt’s frequently-updated Twitter feed somewhat unique is that, for a NBA reporter and commentator, Aldridge has an impressive amount of Tweets related to football and baseball. There’s one thing his 495,000 followers can count on, though – humorous and sometimes in-your-face rhetoric. He also tends to tweet during games, making his feed a must-read during those times when you can’t watch the game yourself.
  • Kevin Pelton: NBA analyst @kpelton tweets all day long, and he tweets good. While his commentary isn’t likely to offend anyone, instead taking a neutral stance in most of his Tweets, his 40,000 followers definitely enjoy his feed as it helps fans immerse themselves in whatever game Pelton’s looking
  • Jessica Mendoza: ESPN’s baseball commentator @jessmendoza is going where few women have gone before, and is doing a pretty good job of it. Her 70,000 followers are a testament to baseball fans warming up to the idea of a female broadcaster, and more are sure to follow. Her Twitter feed is full of goodies, and it doesn’t take a long look to realize that Mendoza knows her stuff about baseball (she ought to, being an Olympian in softball herself).

How To Set Up Your Twitter Account And Get Followers

Twitter can seem a bit overwhelming at first. If you’re a public figure or even a business owner, it can seem downright frightening. With the right Tweets, you’ll spread your name, get more clients/customers and gain more recognition. On the other hand, a couple of wrong ones can follow you like a curse through any personal or professional endeavor you make.

Setting up your Twitter account is easy. Becoming well-known and attracting followers? Not as much.

Starting a Twitter account

First and foremost, what is the purpose of your Twitter account? You don’t want to confuse business with pleasure here. If you’re a businessman, your Twitter feed needs to consist of work-related updates, promotions, advice and so forth.

It’s not as easy as having two separate accounts, either: people will often land on your personal account instead of the business one. Once they’re there, you don’t want them to see your politically-charged Tweets and heavily-opinionated updates on sensitive issues, so keep it neutral and keep it business-related.

So you’ve set up and verified your Twitter account… but you don’t have any followers. Even worse, you don’t know how to attract them. Don’t get overwhelmed if others – even your competitors – are packing hundreds or thousands of followers. You’ll get there with some persistence and a bit of Twitter wizardry.

Getting followers by rubbing the right shoulders

Similar to how nobody will want to add you on Facebook if you have an empty friends list, nobody wants to follow a Twitter whose last update was 3 years ago (or never). You need updates before followers, not the other way around.

If you’re not a business owner but instead something like an entertainer, your job becomes even more difficult as your targeted audience widens. Fortunately, Twitter gave you some tools to speed up the process.

The easiest way to get followers is through a ‘shout-out’ – a relatively famous person tagging you, preferably instructing their own followers to check your feed out. Unless you have friends in high places, the best way to accomplish this is engaging a known Twitter user and compelling them to reply to you. Whether the exchange is a pleasant one or not, the followers will take note and want to check your Twitter out to see what all the fuss is about. Once they’re there, however…

Keeping followers with quality updates, plus hashtags

How to get people to follow you once they’re checking out your profile? Simple: make them want to read your future updates. If you’re a business owner, this will include freebies, discounts and good deals. If you’re an entertainer, your feed should have frequent, insightful and amusing commentary that people will want more of.

While often used semi-ironically, hashtags are the best way to reach your audience barring celebrity shout-outs. With the help of the right tools, you’ll have to gain an understanding of which hashtags work and which don’t. #carsalecoupons might attract hundreds of people to your Twitter, while #couponsforcarsales might not be seen by anyone. Keep experimenting and trying new things, and eventually you’ll get to a following of a few hundred, after which things should get easier. Just remember – an update a day keeps obscurity away.

2 Of The Best Social Media Applications To Use For Twitter

There’s no shortage of apps promising to make your life in the Twittersphere easier (or is that Twitterverse?). Everyone is looking to make use of Twitter’s enormous popularity, from fans having a chance to interact with celebrities for the first time in their lives to companies promoting themselves through it.

While you can do without many of these apps, there are still some that will be of great help regardless of how you use social media. Barring websites like that are considered to be a part of Twitter, HootSuite and Buffer are perhaps two of the handiest tools you can get your hands on to make interacting with followers an easy process.

2 Of The Best Social Media Apps


They say owls are some of the wisest creatures in the entire animal kingdom. Well, HootSuite’s logos consist of several owls, so there must be some wisdom to using the application. Having been around since 2008, HootSuite is well-established as a way to make tweeting less of a chore and more of a fun pastime.

The app comes in three suites: free, pro and enterprise. The pro version also includes a free 30-day trial, which should give you an idea of whether it’s worth the money or not.

An example of Hoot’s many features – and among the most useful ones for business owners – is the ability to monitor your brand on social media. If someone’s dropping your name, you’ll know all about it without having to go through the trouble of constant manual searching. This includes real-time updates as soon as someone mentions your brand as well as an overview of any past mentions.

Aside from numerous scheduling options, HootSuite lets you manage multiple different social media sites in one place (although the free version only gives you control over 3). As an added benefit, you’ll also have your own fancy URL-shortening service called, which not only looks cool but also lets you monitor click-through statistics.


Your social media presence is sure to buff up with the help of this handy app. Buffer is a direct competitor of HootSuite, although the latter offers a bit more functionality to its users.

The goal of this app is clear – letting you have complete control over when and how you choose to update your feed. The update process is rendered somewhat automatic – you can schedule updates for weeks, days or even months ahead, and never have to worry about your brand losing traction if you end up stranded on an island somewhere.

The app will also curb your posting enthusiasm when necessary. To stop you from flooding your followers’ feed, it will spread out updates evenly to improve the activity on your social media accounts. Like HootSuite, Buffer covers an array of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although it’s most often used for tweeting.

Also like HootSuite, Buffer offers three different plans based on the user’s needs: a free basic plan, an ‘awesome’ plan for power users, and a business plan. The business version is further split into three sizes, with the largest businesses paying up to $300 a month to get access to all the perks.